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    Do you have an SUV or truck and you would like a suspension lift or other custom modification?

    At Hemet Tire & Wheel, we service all trucks, cars, and off-road vehicles. Whether you’re looking for used or new tires, we can help. We repair and/or install high-quality rims and tires on both domestic and foreign car models and makes. If you need wheel alignment, a flat repaired, rims, or new tires, our experts can be of assistance.

    Understanding Suspension Lift Services

    By adding a suspension lift kit to your vehicle, you will gain extra ground clearance because the height of your vehicle will be raised. This allows your ride to avoid road obstacles and navigate with greater ease than standard setups.

    Some of the things you want to think about before making the decision to modify your truck or SUV with a suspension lift are as follows:

    • Check your vehicle’s factory suspension specifications.
    • How much can you spend?
    • How high do you want your vehicle to be?
    • What are you shooting for as an end result? Offloading? Towing? Just a cooler appearance?

    When Do You Need Suspension Lift Services?

    If you want to soup up the appearance of your truck or SUV, if you plan on doing a good amount of off-roading, or if you’ve experienced lifted vehicle riding/driving and loved it, you could probably do with a vehicle lift. If you want better ground clearance and bigger tires, a suspension lift is the way to go. You could get as much as nine inches extra in height.

    While modifying your truck or SUV with a suspension lift has numerous benefits, you should be aware of some of the downsides:

    • Certain sections of your warranty contract may be voided by the addition of a suspension lift.
    • Your insurance premiums may be impacted by installing a suspension lift.
    • In a negative manner, towing might be impacted by a suspension lift. The hitch is raised if the frame is raised, after all. To compensate for the added height, you might want to employ a drop hitch. Your truck’s maximum towing capability will likely be reduced.
    • Suspension lift kit components experience a good deal of wear and tear. This is partly due to vehicle owners driving over rough terrain – which is why they got the lift in the first place. Additionally, however, driveshaft angles increase when the body and frame are raised from the axles. More wear results from more strain.
    • For some of your friends and family, getting in and out of your truck or SUV will be more difficult.
    • A suspension lift kit is relatively expensive.

    Benefits of Suspension Lift Services

    Should you choose a suspension lift for your truck or SUV, you will experience the following benefits:

    • A higher resale value may be enjoyed if a suspension lift is added to your truck or SUV
    • Your truck will appear more stylish
    • For better off-road performance, you can add bigger tires
    • Road visibility will be better, because you’re higher

    Why Choose Hemet Tire & Wheel for Suspension Lift Services?

    Hemet Tire & Wheel provides a number of services including suspension lifts, tire rotation, tune-ups, off-road repair, brakes, product sales, and more.

    Now that your SUV or truck can be equipped with bigger, cooler tires, check with one of our representatives to see what we have in stock. We want you to have the best possible off-road experience!

    For more information about our Suspension Lift services, feel free to contact us today.

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