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    An air bag is used to keep your car level when you are hauling or towing around. When a heavy load is present, the air bag pumps air into it to keep the car from squatting. The air bag can be inflated when not used for towing.

    At Hemet Tire & Wheel we install towing systems such as air bags that can change the way you drive while hauling. An inefficient suspension system can cause issues like braking problems, acceleration problems, and control issues when hauling heavy loads. You won’t have these issues if you get your hitch systems installed by us at Hemet Tire & Wheel. Visit us to provide your vehicle with the extra support that it needs.

    Understanding Hitch System Including Air Bags Services

    With our hitch system, your factory shocks and struts are replaced with air shocks that allow you to adjust your ride height. Our hitch system consists of an air compressor, an air tank, air lines, a manifold, air struts, and a few little miscellaneous components.

    By working together, these components draw in air, pressurize it, and deliver it to each air strut. These air struts inflate with air when your vehicle is raised and deflate when it is lowered. You can control these hitch systems with a smartphone app or with a wired or wireless controller, depending on your specific setup.

    When Do You Need Hitch Systems Including Air Bags Services?

    There are a variety of reasons why you need to install hitch systems including air bags.

    • Ride Height Can Be Adjusted for Show Purposes

    A common use of air suspension is to air up your car. Essentially, the vehicle owner wants the vehicle to reach a certain height but does not want to drive at that height at all times. With air suspension, on-the-fly adjustments are simple.

    • Raising/lowering a Vehicle for Specific Purposes

    Lastly, air suspensions are used for a variety of purposes. The air suspension system could be a great addition if you need electronic-controlled adjustable suspension for clearing obstacles or loading cargo into your vehicle.

    Benefits of Installing Hitch Systems Including Air Bags Services

    At Hemet Tire & Wheel we use patented technology for our hitch systems. Our trailer hitch virtually eliminates jerking and surging between the two connecting units. Towing caravans or trailers is made easier with this type of ride. When the towing vehicle and the trailer hitch receiver section are rigidly connected, shocks are transferred throughout the towing vehicle. Our hitch system reduces up to 90% of this shock, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride every time.

    Additionally, a trailer hitch’s weight-carrying capacity is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider. Proper weight distribution and maximum load capacity will be ensured when you attach the right tow hitch to your vehicle. We make sure to check your vehicle’s GVWR before choosing a tow hitch for you to make sure it’s compatible.

    Why Choose Hemet Tire & Wheel for Installing Hitch Systems Including Air Bags Services?

    Several commercial fleets and independent auto body repair shops rely on Hemet Tire & Wheel for specialized technical services. Whether it is for repairs, estimates, or post-repair inspections, our customers trust us. Our service helps decrease overhead and reduces vehicle downtime without compromising customer or employee safety.

    For more information about our hitch system and air bag installation services, feel free to contact us today.

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