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    Do you have a truck or SUV and you would like custom bumpers installed? We can help.

    If you’re looking for some kind of modification on your car, truck, or off-road vehicle, discuss it with one of our representatives. We service all trucks, cars, and off-road vehicles at Hemet Tire & Wheel. We install and/or repair high-quality rims and tires on both foreign and domestic car models and makes. If you’re in search of used or new tires, we have something in stock that will suit your needs. Whether you need rims, wheel alignment, flat repairs, or new tires, our experts would love to be of assistance.

    Understanding Custom Bumper Services

    One of the first decisions you’ll need to make – after you decide to have custom bumpers installed on your vehicle – is whether you want them to be made from aluminum or steel.


    Compared to steel, aluminum bumpers cost and weigh less. Unfortunately, they are more likely to need replacement or repair because they possess a shorter lifespan.


    Compared to aluminum, steel is more durable. For the front of your vehicle, it provides a secure frame and lasts a long time. Compared to aluminum, however, steel is heavier. So, your overall vehicle weight is increased with steel bumpers.

    When Do You Need Custom Bumper Services?

    Why, in the first place, would someone desire the addition of a custom bumper? What’s wrong with the original bumpers? The thing about the bumpers that came with your vehicle is that they simply don’t compare to a custom bumper’s durability and sturdiness. They’re not as cool looking either.

    Benefits of Custom Bumper Services

    Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of custom bumpers, and having someone else install them for you, is the cool factor. Your car’s aesthetic appearance will be much improved by a set of awesome bumpers. But there are other benefits, as well:

    • Custom bumpers give you a mounting point for accessories (hooks, hitches, LED lights, etc.)
    • The appearance and style of your vehicle will be incredibly elevated.
    • The durability of your vehicle’s bumpers will be increased.
    • A little extra clearance may be offered by custom bumpers that sit higher than standard bumpers. No more hitting the wheel stop/curb when you park.
    • Your vehicle will be better protected by a high-quality, custom bumper.
    • You can ditch those crummy old, dented, rusted bumpers and replace them with awesome, cool looking, custom bumpers.

    Why Choose Hemet Tire & Wheel For Custom Bumper Services? 

    We want you to have the best possible off-road experience! We also want to be of assistance in modifying your ride to your desires and specifications. To ensure your ride is roadworthy and safe, our certified mechanics will expertly see to your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

    We are Hemet Tire & Wheel. From helping you stay on budget to delivering high-quality work on time, we take pride in what we do. As a family-owned and operated California business, we are equipped with an off road and auto repair shop.

    Hemet Tire & Wheel provides a selection of services including off-road repair, brakes, product sales, tire rotation, tune-ups, and more. For more than 65 years now, our mission has been to serve our customers. At the end of each customer experience, we want everyone to be 100% satisfied.

    For more information about our Custom Bumper services, feel free to contact us today.

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