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    Do you have a truck or SUV and you’d like a custom modification such as a suspension or body lift?

    We service all trucks, cars, and off-road vehicles at Hemet Tire & Wheel. We repair and/or install high-quality rims and tires on both domestic and foreign car models and makes. Whether you’re looking for used or new tires, we can be of assistance. If you need a flat repair, rims, wheel alignment, or new tires, our experts can help.

    Understanding Body Lift Services

    Individuals who choose to modify their trucks sometimes opt for a body lift, while others choose to go with a suspension lift. Though they sound similar, there are differences between them. One may be better suited for you, your taste, your budget, and your truck than the other.

    By adding spacers, the distance between the chassis and the body of your truck increases, courtesy of a body lift. Your ground clearance doesn’t change, but you ride higher. This means you can soup up your truck with larger wheels and tires. You will, however, get some added ground clearance from larger wheels and tires.

    Compared to suspension lifts, the less expensive option is a body lift. Some people, who have all of the tools and know how to do automotive work, even install these kits themselves. You can expect your truck to be raised between three and five inches with a body lift.

    When Do You need Body Lift Services?

    As already mentioned, if you want to dress up your truck with bigger wheels and tires, a body lift is the way to go.

    With bigger tires comes a bit more ground clearance. Depending on the kind of terrain you drive on, this may benefit you and save the underbelly of your truck from damage.

    You need a body lift on your truck if you want it to look cooler but don’t want to drop a bundle on a suspension left.

    Benefits of Body Lift Services

    The following are some advantages that you’ll experience by giving your truck a body lift:

    • You can put stylish, rockin’ wheels and tires on your truck that are bigger and far more awesome than your little factory tires.
    • You’ll spend less money on a body lift than you would have on a suspension lift, so you’re saving money you can spend on custom tires.
    • The kits for body lifts are easy enough that an experienced do-it-yourselfer can probably execute the job themselves. You may, however, prefer a professional so the job is done right and guaranteed.

    Why Choose Hemet Tire & Wheel for Body Lift Services?

    After you get a body lift from Hemet Tire & Wheel, you can shop for new and improved, bigger tires. We want you to be 100% satisfied with both.

    From helping you stay on budget to delivering high-quality work on time, we take pride in what we do. To ensure your ride is roadworthy and safe, our certified mechanics will attend to your upkeep and maintenance needs. We want you to have the best possible off-road experience!

    Hemet Tire & Wheel provides a selection of services including tune-ups, off-road repair, brakes, product sales, tire rotation, and more. As a family-owned and operated California business, we are equipped with an off road and auto repair shop. For over 65 years, our mission has been to serve our customers and make sure that, when they leave, they are 100% satisfied.

    For more information about our Body Lift services, feel free to contact us today.

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