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    Keeping your car working efficiently for a longer period of time requires basic auto maintenance. Let's face it, your vehicle should be checked frequently and each part requires specific care. We know basic maintenance is not as basic as it sounds and it requires a lot of effort. But don't fret anymore. We at Hemet Tire & Wheel perform your vehicle's maintenance for you and ensure your car is performing at its level best at all times. Our prices are affordable and will save you tons of money down the road.

    Understanding Basic Auto Maintenance Services

    It is important to perform preventive basic maintenance on your car, truck, van, or SUV. If you are not a mechanical whiz, you should visit us at Hemet Tire & Wheel, and let us have a look and take care of your car instead of waiting for specific symptoms to appear.

    We provide auto maintenance services by taking into account the number of miles you've driven (or how long it's been since your last service). Your car will run smoothly if you provide it with basic maintenance.

    It is the most challenging part of maintaining a vehicle that you know what needs to be done and when. If you are not sure what to do and when to do it, you should give Hemet Tire & Wheel a visit.

    When Do You Need Basic Auto Maintenance Services?

    There is no fixed time to determine when you need basic maintenance as different parts of your vehicle need to be checked during specific intervals. In order to maintain your vehicle properly, you need to do these services during various durations.

    Checkups on a short-term basis:

    • Levels of oil and coolant
    • Exhaust filter
    • A tire's tread depth and pressure
    • Brakes and turn signals
    • Headlights and parking lights
    • Filter and oil
    • Tire rotation
    • Waxing your vehicle

    Checkups on a long-term basis:

    • Fuel transmission
    • Inspection of struts and shocks
    • Spark fixtures
    • Differentials for the front and rear

    Seasonal check-ups:

    • Windshield wipers need to be replaced
    • Evaluation of battery performance
    • Tire change
    • Check the level of coolant

    Make an appointment with Hemet Tire & Wheel today to get all these done to your vehicle.

    Benefits of Basic Auto Maintenance Services

    Basic auto maintenance provides the following benefits:

    • Regular car services guarantee your safety.
    • Ensures that your car's performance improves.
    • Makes your car last longer.
    • Keeps the internal and external components of your car working well.
    • Saves you lots of hassle and money in the long run.
    • Ensures your car's fuel efficiency
    • Increases the worth of your car thereby increasing the resale value.
    • Provides longer life span to the vehicle's engine.
    • Drastically decreases wear and tear of the vehicle.
    • Good for the environment as it ensures your car is not emitting harmful substances unnecessarily.

    Why Choose Hemet Tire & Wheel for Basic Auto Maintenance Services?

    At Hemet Tire & Wheel we use the latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose what service your car needs. With 24 years of expertise, we provide complete guaranteed maintenance of your car at the hands of certified technicians.

    For more information about our basic auto maintenance services, feel free to contact us today.

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